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Tree Pruning Salt Lake

Licensed and Insured

Why Do My Trees Need to Be Pruned?

Tree pruning is one of our main services.  As fully licensed and insured experts, we pride ourselves in being a high quality, local Salt Lake City area tree pruning service with attention to detail, including leaving your yard as clean or cleaner than we found it.

Cutting back on tree growth to prevent obstruction of view or other interference with the property are the most common reasons why people seek a tree trimming service, and they are definitely good reasons to bring in a professional.

Tree pruning offers other benefits that many property owners are not aware of, and it's a good idea to think of tree pruning as a regular part of yard maintenance.

Generally speaking, proper tree pruning at the correct time intervals will help your trees be healthier, resist infection, and grow more beautifully. Tree pruning can also prevent hazards and potential property damage when laden or weakened limbs are removed before they fall of their own accord.

If you have any questions about the above in regard to your trees, contact us for information and suggestions.

What You Can Expect from Tim's Tree Care


Our goal is to give our customers and potential customers clear expectations of what they can expect from Tim's Tree Care and then to deliver on those expectations. Here are just some of the service standards that we hold ourselves to on every job.

1. Clean Work - Tree care and landscape beauty go hand-in-hand, and work site cleanliness is one of our top priorities. The only evidence that we leave behind on tree trimming jobs are beautiful, healthy trees and a job well done.

2. Healthy Cuts - As experienced tree doctors and arborists, we know exactly how to make each cut to a tree to ensure that the cut causes minimal stress, allowing the health of the tree to reach its full potential.

3. Customer Education - We will answer every question that you may have about maintaining your trees and strive to leave our clients with all the information they will need to keep their trees strong and healthy between trimming cycles.

4. Competitive Rates - Affordable tree care should be available to everyone; at least, that's how we see it. We take pride in offering a high quality service at prices much lower than most of our competitors.

5. Listening to Customers - We never try to talk our customers into services that they neither want nor need, and we believe that this practice contributes greatly to the excellent reputation of our company.


6. Personalized Care - Every job, client, and tree is different, and we recognize this fact by offering completely custom recommendations, education, and procedures personalized to each unique situation.


7. Beauty That Lasts - Doing our part to make neighborhoods in the Salt Lake City area beautiful is at the heart of our company's mission, and you can count on the beauty that we bring to your property to last long after our work is done.

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